Evelyn Dykes Chriswell

Welcome to my website!
I'm Evelyn Dykes Chriswell, author of GRAMBO.

GRAMBO is a wonderful gift for men and women.

Grambo is an amazing true story of love, loss, and triumph during war.

As we begin this journey together you will be:

1. motivated to fulfill your dreams and avoid a life of regrets.

2. feel positive about who God created you to be.

3. apply Biblical truth to important life questions: their purpose in life, your feelings, and other key issues you face

4. learn how to reach the highest vision of what God wants for every Christian.

This book will:

1. remind you that all things are possible.

2. offer insightful, relevant wisdom on topics every person faces.

3. communicate Biblical truth.

4. celebrate the adventure of being a person God uses.

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